PhD Research Topics in 5G Networking

PhD in Cryptography using Elliptic Curves
May 25, 2021
PhD Research Topics in Image Processing
May 25, 2021
  1. PhD inan effective Deep-Learning assisted Radio Resource Assignment Technique in 5G Ultra Dense Networks
  2. PhD inan SDN/NFV enabled Model for controlling and utilization of service in 5G network
  3. PhD inan effective Minimization of Delays in 5G Networks
  4. PhD inartificial Intelligence enabled 5G Wireless Networks to control Network Traffic
  5. PhD ina Multilevel Sleep Strategy Mechanism  for 5G User-Centric Networks
  6. PhD inEffective Service based Authentication for Network Slicing in 5G-Assisted IoT
  7. PhD inAttaining End-to-End Trustworthiness of Mission-Critical Traffic in Software oriented 5G Networks
  8. PhD inFast Cell Detection with Context knowledge in mm-Wave 5G Networks
  9. PhD inService based Deployment Policy in End-to-End Network Slicing using Complex Network Theory
  10. PhD in An efficient security over 5G Portable Wireless Networks
  11. PhD in Heterogeneous Statistical QoS for 5G Multimedia Mobile Wireless Networks in Scalable Virtualization
  12. PhD in Call Admission Management in Connected 5G Ultra-Dense Networks
  13. PhD in secure multi-tenant 5G transport networks based on Dynamic slicing
  14. PhD in Canonical Domains assisted Optimal Network Slice Planning using Conformal Mapping
  15. PhD inQoE-Aware Delivery of Media Services based on Resource Allocation System in 5G Networks
  16. PhD in An effective RAN Slicing based on Dynamic Preamble Subset Allocation in 5G Networks
  17. PhD in An effective Social-Aware Clustering based in SDN in 5G-VANET Systems
  18. PhD in Distribution of supportive automobile content in edge computing assisted 5G-VANET System
  19. PhD inan efficient Network Slicing mechanism for 5G Wearable Network
  20. PhD in Optimized resource provisioning of spectrum inmm wave using 5G Network.
  21. PhD in Massive machine type service over future IoT applications using 5G
  22. PhD in Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization towards 5G
  23. PhD in Cognitive radio with 5G network
  24. PhD in Probing cloud to edge radio access network
  25. PhD in Optimized physical infrastructure with 5G network slicing
  26. PhD in Network orchestration with Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
  27. PhD in An Efficient Virtual Core Network Slices in 5G Mobile Systems
  28. PhD in An efficient Latency-driven transport for 5G Wireless network
  29. PhD in Optimized Content- and Network-Context-Aware Streaming in 5G Heterogeneous Network
  30. PhD in a Machine Learning Approach for Traffic Forecasting in 5G Core Network Scalability
  31. PhD in Optimized resource provisioning of spectrum in low-frequency band.
  32. PhD in communication for ultra 4K videos using 5G network.
  33. PhD in Probing cloud to edge radio access network
  34. PhD in Optimized physical infrastructure with network slicing
  35. PhD in An efficient Multitenant 5G Networks Self-Dimensioning
  36. PhD in a Steady-Aware Weather Disruption of Tolerant Routing in SDN enabled Wireless Mesh Networks
  37. PhD in Flexible Functional Segmentation over 5G Mobile Networks
  38. PhD in an effective Anomaly Detection System in 5G Networks
  39. PhD in a Secure Beam forming for 5G Cellular Networks parallel to Satellite Networks
  40. PhD in Two-Factor Authenticated Key Agreement for Unlink ability in 5G-Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks
  41. PhD in a Secure Block Chain System using 5G network
  42. PhD in An efficient Self-Adaptive Scheduling for Base Transceiver Stations in Green 5GNets
  43. PhD in Inter-Slice Resource Management with Genetic Optimization in 5G Networks
  44. PhD in Mobile Optical Wireless Backhaul in 5G Wireless Networks
  45. PhD in an Optimized Caching for Smart Cities in 5GNets
  46. PhD in Transmission for Spectrum Sharing Cellular Communications in 5G Systems over IoT
  47. PhD in Group Paging using cluster for Massive Machine Type Communications in 5G Networks
  48. PhD in Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication for 5G Radio Network
  49. PhD in Fog-Assisted Delay-Constrained Live Migration of VMs via Multipath TCP/IP in 5G Networks
  50. PhD ineMBB communication for augmented reality using 5G
  51. PhD invirtual reality using 5G network
  52. PhD in3-dimensional multimedia using 5G network
  53. PhD in Optimized resource provisioning of spectrum in unlicensed spectrum using 5G
  54. PhD in Low latency below 1ms for mission-critical applications using 5G
  55. PhD in RF Energy Harvestingusing 5G
  56. PhD in Security Authentication Scheme in 5G Ultra-Dense Network
  57. PhD in Self-Adaptive Deep Learning-Based System in 5G Networks
  58. PhD in Offloading-Based Software-Defined System using 5G networks
  59. PhD in Cognitive radio for wireless communication using 5G.
  60. PhD in Multi-user multiple input multiple output antenna designs
  61. PhD in Cooperative and multi-hop communicationusing 5G
  62. PhD in Millimeter-wave and sub-THz communication using 5G
  63. PhD in Social communication in delay tolerant 5G networks
  64. PhD in Power line communication in grid computing using 5G network
  65. PhD in Cloud/fog radio access network for backhaul networks
  66. PhD in IoT network virtualization using 5G.
  67. PhD in information/content-centric 5G networking
  68. PhD in SDN/NFV for 5G network

5G network technology will introduce advances throughout network architecture. 5G New Radio, the global standard for a more capable 5G wireless air interface, will cover spectrums not used in 4G. New antennas will incorporate technology known as massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output), which enables multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data at the same time. But 5G technology is not limited to the new radio spectrum. It is designed to support a converged, heterogeneous network combining licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies. This will add bandwidth available for users.

We will provide complete support for 5G network Research. Our technical team and experts support coding and implementation in above-mentioned PhD in 5G network Research. All the 5G network research topics are high possible to publish in high impact factor journals. We also do scholar ideas and implements the concepts

PhD Research Topics in 5G Networking
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