Ph.D Research Topics in 5G LTE Network

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May 27, 2021
PhD in Congestion identification in Machine Learning
May 27, 2021

Ph.D Research Topics in 5G LTE Network

  1. PhD in a novel function for User-targeted DoS Attacks in LTE 5G Networks
  2. PhD in effectual mechanism for Performance Evaluation of LTE Network for 5G Handover
  3. PhD in innovative mechanism for Minimizing Energy Consumption in Enhanced 5G LTE
  4. PhD Design and Verification for Virtual Drive Test Methodology based on Vehicular 5G LTE Applications
  5. PhD in an innovative method for Delay-Aware 5G LTE WLAN Aggregation Network
  6. PhD in Offloading Traffic From Cellular Networks into 5G LTE on Multi-Hop D2D Networks
  7. PhD in an structural design methodology for architecture of multi-layered SDN based on 5G LTE/Wi-Fi Network
  8. PhD in Performance analysis of PDSCH downlink in 5G LTE network
  9. PhD in Performance analysis of inter-cell interference parameters in 5G LTE network
  10. PhD in Importance-Driven Downlink Resource Scheduling for Video Transmission over LTE
  11. PhD in Enhancing Security and Scalability in Software Defined 5G LTE Core Networks
  12. PhD in performance for Quasi-Perfect Resource Allocation Scheme meant for Optimizing of Cell-Edge Users in FFR-Aided 5G LTE Multicellular Networks
  13. PhD in a novel method for Data-Driven Evaluation of Anticipatory Networking in LTE Networks
  14. PhD in An innovative performance for Wi-Fi Dimensioning to offload LTE in 5G Networks
  15. PhD in Robust Energy Efficiency Optimization with Transceiver Impairments in Private TD-5G LTE WN
  16. PhD in fresh mechanism for Research of Spectrum Sensing Based on SU Classification in Cognitive 5G LTE Network
  17. PhD in QoS-Aware User Association and RA in 5G LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence Systems
  18. PhD in Simulation Analysis of Discontinuous Reception Mechanism with ETSI Traffic Model in 5G LTE Networks
  19. PhD innew-fangled method for 5G-EmPOWER based on Radio Access Networks
  20. PhD in novel technology for Traffic-aware user association in heterogeneous 5G LTE/Wi-Fi radio access networks
  21. PhD in Cluster-Based on RAS for 5G LTE Networks Supporting MM-Type Communications scheme
  22. PhD in Dynamic Multipoint Wireless Transmission using 5G LTE network
  23. PhD in Review on Delay Aware Joint Uplink/Downlink Scheduling using 5G LTE network
  24. PhD in Middleware architecture and policies for efficient flow assign using 5G LTE network
  25. PhD in Link-level simulations of 3-5G new air-interface key mechanisms using 5G LTE network
  26. PhD in Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA) and Filtered-OFDM (F-OFDM) using 5G LTE network
  27. PhD in Altera FOGA on Polar Code using 5G LTE networking
  28. PhD in Latency in 5G and LTE/LTE-A
  29. PhD in Radio Resource Management in 5G LTE Networks for M2M Applications
  30. PhD in Protocol foundation of future 4G/5G LTE wireless communications networks
  31. PhD in Waveform design using 5G LTE networking
  32. PhD in SLA Management using 5G LTE
  33. PhD in BER and PAPR Analysis using UFMC Filters in 5G LTE networking
  34. PhD in Multiband Phone Antennas for LTE Operations
  35. PhD in Massive MIMO using 5G LTE networking
  36. PhD in PAPR reduction using 5G LTE networking
  37. PhD in Single Carrier Modulation using 5G LTE networking
  38. PhD in Closed loop with precoding Massive MIMO in 5G LTE
  39. PhD in Closed-loop also with spatial multiplexing Massive MIMO in 5G LTE
  40. PhD in Beam formingusing Massive MIMO in 5G LTE
  41. PhD in Open loop spatial multiplexing using Massive MIMO in 5G LTE
  42. PhD in Transmit Deliveryusing Massive MIMO in 5G LTE
  43. PhD in Railway Signaling Systems using 5G LTE network
  44. PhD in Mobile M2M applications using 5G LTE network
  45. PhD in Traffic Safety Trends applications using 5G LTE network
  46. PhD in Web page browsing quickly using 5G LTE network
  47. PhD in Share of mobile OTT applications maximization using 5G LTE network
  48. PhD in Replaceable antennas for temporary applications using 5G LTE network
  49. PhD in Near Field Communications in defense and space applications using 5G LTE network
  50. PhD in Video streaming applications and online gaming applications using LTE
  51. PhD in UAV communication based on Radio Channel Modeling over Cellular Networks
  52. PhD in Design architecture for 5G LTE network radio base station receivers
  53. PhD in Load adaptive throughput for maximizing preamble allocation and prioritization in 5G Random access
  54. PhD in Efficient Energy Management Framework also for 5G LTE and LTE-Networks
  55. PhD in User priority based cooperative resource allocation schemes in 5G LTE railway authority
  56. PhD in Two parasitic grounded strips for LTE Unbroken Metal Rimmed Smart Phones
  57. PhD in Carrier aggregated 5G LTE on adaptive QR decomposition processor
  58. PhD in Adaptive and non-adaptive LTE fractional frequency reuse mechanisms in 5G LTE and 5G LTE-A networks
  59. PhD in Cluster based Radio Channel Emulation for Over the Automotive 5G LTE Wireless Systems
  60. PhD in MIMO system throughput estimation with single feeder cable on 5G LTE networks
  61. PhD in Framework for Regressive QoE Model for VoLTE network.
  62. PhD in Fully integrated CMOS 5G LTE band Tunable Power Amplifier Mechanisms
  63. PhD in Interference analysis and channel Equalization for Narrowband IoT Uplink LTE
  64. PhD in a novel mechanism for 5G LTE/LTE-A Network Security Data Collection
  65. PhD in process of Random Access Control Techniques intended for Machine-to-Machine Communications in 5G LTE/LTE-A Networks
  66. PhD in process of Secure VOIP 5G LTE network used for secure transmission by PLRT under DDOS Attack
  67. PhD in An effectual performance for Optimization of Multi-objective Resource Allocation Problem in 5G LTE/LTE-A Networks
  68. PhD in An inventive source for QoS based on IP mobility management scheme for the next generation 5G-LTE network
  69. PhD in Experimental End-to-End Delay Study of a Wireless Sensor Network with 5G LTE Backhaul system
  70. PhD in An efficient mechanism for 5G LTE Data Convergence Test in Optical Access Networks
  71. An effective mechanism for Autonomous Self-Backhauled 5G LTE Mesh Network With QoS Guarantee
  72. PhD in Performance analysis of mobile 5G LTE networks
  73. PhD in Dynamic Baseband Resource Allocation intended for Heterogeneous Private 5G LTE Networks
  74. PhD in A novel research mechanism for Full-Duplex Assisted 5G LTE-U Coexisting Networks in Unlicensed Spectrum
  75. PhD in 5G LTE RAN-Level Interworking by 2C/U Plane Splitting in Future Networks
  76. PhD in use of TD-LTE in Analysis and Design mechanism for WN based Distribution Automation System
  77. PhD in Reducing Traffic Congestion for M2M Type Communication Over 4G-LTE Network
  78. PhD in A novel technology for Spectrum Multiplexing based on LTE-U and Wi-Fi in Heterogeneous Network
  79. PhD in Proximity Coordinated Random Access design of M2M Applications in 5G LTE-A
  80. PhD in 5G-LTE WLAN aggregation based on seamless connectivity approach for heterogeneous networks

PhD Research topics in 5G LTE Networks :

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, and is associated with the 4G and 5G wireless communications standard designed to provide higher speeds than the 3G networks for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and wireless hotspots. … It is a service only provided over 4G and 5G LTE devices that are compatible to VoLTE by means of presenting a long term evolution with 5Gnetwork provides compatibility wireless communication.

We will provide complete support for 5G LTE network Research. Our technical team and experts support coding and implementation in above-mentioned PhD in 5G LTE network Research. All the 5G LTE network research topics are high possible to publish in high impact factor journals. We also do scholar ideas and implements the concepts. We do support PhD Research topics in 5G LTE Networks.Our Experts provide complete guidance in PhD Research topics in 5G LTE Networks.

PhD Research Topics in 5G LTE network
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