PhD in Secure Data Transmission via Artificial Intelligence

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May 26, 2021
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PhD in Secure Data Transmission Means Through Artificial Intelligence


The concept of Artificial Intelligence is supported by Machine Learning Algorithms in order to be used in the real world in fields like healthcare, transportation, and communication. Due to the silent collection of enormous amounts of data there always lies a risk of data breaching. Hence, there is a need to safeguard this data from getting misused.

The proposed model is intended to secure the data by combining the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence so as to develop a secure networking architecture that will allow secure transmission of data. The proposed model is based on the concept of Personal Data Store and Private Data Center.

PhD in Secure data transmission means through artificial intelligence


The idea behind this project is not only to safeguard the data but also to trace its usage in order to punish the violators.  The rise of blockchain technology enables a safer pathway of data transmission by preventing its abuse. The reason behind the wide acceptance of blockchain is its ability to offer a transparent, tamper-proof metadata infrastructure for the re-coding of data.


The biggest issue is the protection of the data. There is a requirement of a trusted pathway that can collect and merge the enormous data that is spread across the entire cyber, physical and social system.  Due to the threat of data breaching, there is a limitation on the use of AI in more fields and hence there is a need to develop algorithms for stimulating modern and enhanced networks that offer a secured transmission.


The proposed model is developed by integration of three components; Data sharing guaranteed by blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence based secure computing, and Value Exchange for security services.

PhD in Secure Data Transmission Means Through Artificial Intelligence


In this proposed architecture, nodes are connected with blockchain-based networking. For data protection, Private Data Centre is used for leveraging advanced architecture. In order to secure computing ASC is deployed to integrate Generative Adversarial Network.

The application of these mechanisms offers data provenance, auditing, and controlling. Moreover, it allows to trace the behavior of the data in a tamper-proof way.

An alternate way of secure data transmission is to replace the Data Storage Module of PDC with distributed file system where the data objects are exchanged within one Git repository. This not only ensures the security of the data but also ensures prolonged survivability.

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