PhD in Path Planning Techniques Against UAV Attacks

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May 27, 2021
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May 27, 2021

PhD in Path Planning Techniques Against UAV Attacks

UAV- unmanned aerial vehicle which sets a new trend in unmanned security as a great success for security based research and development. These vehicles are controlled by remote control equipment and with self-learning equipment devices, in recent year UAVs are now been used for border and reserve security areas to find illegal entries in certain countries like china, japan, Germany and Iran. In agriculture, UAVs are used to spray pesticides, land survey, etc. UAVs are highly maintaining its accuracy by using mathematical mapping frameworks based onUAV path planning problem about UAV attack


The visual simulation platform is needed for multi-UAV co-operative search-attack mission using interaction interference. The information received from base source and transmitted to computation layer and visual software synchronously. The PIO algorithm simulates the pigeon behavior to landmarks the destination and the pathway modifications are also considered and adjust based on direction. Thus it act as navigator and UAVs organize to conduct co-operative search attack under complex environment with threats. By preplanning and modifying the location based GPS drives UAV into its corresponding path with the help of pigeon inspired algorithm. By implementing the UAV path planning problem about UAV attack

PhD in Path Planning Techniques Against UAV Attacks​


  • IMU does not interact with external systems during work and it will cause flight UAV unstable.
  • During a cooperative reconnaissance and strike integrated there is a need to build path for UAVs.
  • The GPS spoofing is the common cyber-attack against UAS and it leads to transmit inaccurate co-ordinates.
  • Investigate factors that will affect the operator behavior patterns and their high-level strategies observed.


  • The nickel-fiber protective cover or a sheet helps to reduce the interference of ultrasonic noise on the gyroscope.
  • Network communication layer and software layer security issues will be solved from the aspect of certain loopholes, virus protection and encrypting.
  • Instead of generation of 3D Dublin path, dual plane model provides starting point to ending point UAVs flies from start to end by a rolling maneuver.
  • Application authentication and pre-testing are the security measures taken to protect the system from malware and virus attack forUAV path planning problem about UAV attack


  • In this proposalUAV path planning problem about UAV attack “dynamic discrete pigeon – inspired optimization” algorithm based on hybrid architecture is used for attack mission planning.
  • Improve HMI function and autonomous decision making section with huge sized UAVs swarm co-operative mission planning based on the interactive 3D visual simulation platform.
  • In future, Attack-oriented to show certain attacks on GNSS+ modes or on feature developed smart drones.


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