PhD in Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV

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June 25, 2021
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June 25, 2021

PhD in Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and other similar mechatronics systems will uses the servomechanisms for the accurate positioning of construction elements here it is stable, reliable and easy to control.The Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV mainly depends on Mechatronic system reliability; aerospace safety; servomechanisms; short‐circuit protection.Most of the UAVs are developed without such analysis because it is considered as a normal electrical, electronic and electro‐ mechanic does not apply to major aerospace companies that strictly adhere to engineering standards and this method is only applicable for the UAV control system which improves the reliability and fault tolerance of commercial products. 


 In certain rare environmental cases that the components may get failed and thus it leads the operations of the entire system to fail.Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV having the boost converter to a fixed DC bus, the decreased efficiency and maximum flight-time compared to the conventional approach of the DC bus voltage varying with battery voltage. The DC-DC converter requires more craft thrust and thus an increase in craft output power in addition to the increased losses. The non-critical servomechanisms could be considered the flaps, rudder in case of malfunction of the flap servomechanisms and it would be preferable to deactivate the mechanism on the other side of a wing to avoid asymmetrical takeoff.Here the overcurrent protection should be provided for the dynamically variable load; the peak,short term and long‐term overcurrent should be evaluated, and different protection scenarios could be used to realize the power distribution fault tolerance system, and tokeeping the maximum available level of UAV operation.

PhD in Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV


  • The controller will become powerless on certain shortened H-bridge transistors during the implementation of overcurrent protection
  • In case of failure, there is no possibility of monitoring the faults and isolating the only damaged devices
  • Due to the limited availability of UAV specific fuel cell stacks where the calculated mass should be too heavy
  • For accurate protection circuit design, the exact load conditions are required in which the data cannot be collected directly on the plane. 


  • On By using separate power converters with short circuit protectionhelps to eliminate the malfunction of the critical device
  • Adding prediction and fault ability prevention will keep the system operational during faults that occurs on hardware or software
  • The user will need to connect through a specified channel and an individual high side current monitor circuitry for reducing the failure.
  • It is possible to avoid the various kinds of accident by installing the individual overload monitoring  and protection circuits for all connected devices based on its parameters


  • The Fuzzy logic and neural network algorithms are utilizedto the Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAVovercurrent monitoring and system protection.
  • The modeling and simulation framework will be applicable for the power system as a critical tool for UAVs.


  • In this proposal of “Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV” the MOSFET switching loss calculation is taken through a rough analyzing gives rise to considerable inaccuracies.
  • In the future proposal of “Improvement of Power Distribution system for UAV” it needs an alternative approach is to experimentally measure turn on and turn off energies thus by using an improved calculation method is much preferable for future work.
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