PhD in Dos Attack Against UAV Communication System

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May 27, 2021
PhD in Man in Middle Attack Against UAV Systems
May 27, 2021

PhD in Dos Attack Against UAV Communication System

Denial of service (DoS) attack is one of the common problems which is to be faced by UAVs. Even a short-term DoS attack in UAV may cause huge constraints of many unmanned control systems.The drone with low-level security protocol is the easiest target for the attackers to get for that several security measures are taken in the form of communication network encrypting, varying the channel signals, etc. by mapping process the insecure signals are easily been deducted training patterns and remove from the cyclic process. Based on Dos attack against UAV communication system


The Container is open-source network that provides light weighted software isolation and certain modules like SELinux provides container security support. The container drone framework provides defense against the attacks by holding into its resource of CPU, memory and computer channel. That each layer of the sensor network explores the defense mechanism to ensure the confidentiality of UAV data has to be encrypted. The failsafe mechanism also included to alerting the user when a drone reached its highest limit and thus by the process we can able to investigate concerning authentication failure. Based on Dos attack against UAV communication system

PhD in Dos Attack Against UAV Communication System


  • The drone and 3DR SOLO might also be vulnerable to several GPS and control-based network attacks.
  • Due to lack of property authentication mechanism anyone can misuse or access within its Wi-Fi signal range of the UAV.
  • GPS spoofing and GPS jamming attack may lead to crashes or capture of critical UAVs by a malicious users.
  • The UAVs manufacturer still needs to design a compact communication security and release product focusing on Information security.


  • Jamming attacks, including DoS and DDoS attacks, can be prevented by placing several firewalls in the network.
  • The user alert system is much helpful to control drones within its controllable signal limit and it helps to reduce the missing rate of UAVs.
  • The hping3 and Netwox tools are showing the a high impact on UAV and thus it provides results in a low average frame rate of AR.Drone 2.0 and 3DR SOLO camera respectively.
  • The framework will protect the HCE from the DoS attack launched thus it holds inside the container by limiting attacker’s access.


  • In this proposal Dos attack against UAV communication systemthat the framework on a prototype quadcopter using “RPi3B” and the open-source Docker container software.
  • In the future, to provide real-time proof and the specified analysis for object-oriented drones and extend the framework to other types of unmanned vehicles based on previous proposedDos attack against UAV communication system

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