PhD in BlockChain Enabled LoRa Network Security

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May 27, 2021
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May 27, 2021

PhD in Block-Chain Enabled Wireless LoRa Network Security

LoRa (Long Range) is a part of low-power wide area technology that provides energy-efficient communications to a massive number of end devices. Block-chain supports a public distributed ledger through a peer to peer network structure where all the transaction are stored in the form of chain blocks and its acts a separate database which records every function. That the block-chain based infrastructure provides extra layer security for LoRaWAN join procedure and builds the trust among various network components through implementing Block-chain enabled wireless LoRa network security


HyperLoRa system can well utilize the limited resource at LoRa gateways to maintain one ledger. Firmware updates fix every security vulnerabilities and are considered to be an important building block in securing certain IoT devices. Based on the Evaluation process that the trade-off between network scalability and update size is concluded. The firmware update procedure based on FUOTAutilizes the blockchain to increase the range of security especially during updating process. By increasing the number of endpoints and gateways that the collaborations will increase the reliability and the performance of the firmware updating process.  And thus by the various implemented Block-chain enabled wireless LoRa network security specification performance is raised.

PhD in Block-Chain Enabled Wireless LoRa Network Security


  • Data modification is the major critical issue in most wireless-based IoT systems.
  • The performance efficiency and the security issue will be much critical for the development of IoT-based services.
  • The ABP procedure offers less security since the encryption key will remain the same during the entire lifetime of an end device.
  • Because of their low computational complexity nature that the blockchain technology is not able to combine with certain gateways and LoRa end devices.


  • Block-chain architect is a cost effective solution for utilizing LoRaWAN network with certain other network servers.
  • The smart contract receives the encrypted device’s keys strut from the JS and stores it in the private block chain.
  • Based on the firmware update evaluation that the reliability and effectiveness are extracted by using LoRa.
  • The Private Blockchain has been used to evaluate the system since it provides proper and reliable results than the public chain.


  • In this proposal Block-chain enabled wireless LoRa network security that the firmware security framework was implemented to fix the vulnerabilities and consider the block in IoT devices.
  • In the future, investigate the performance of the previously proposed Block-chain enabled wireless LoRa network security firmware update process using more gateways and evaluate the proposed blockchain solution under certain specific network attacks.

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