PhD Course Work in Mobile RPL Routing Protocol

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May 31, 2021
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June 1, 2021

PhD Course Work in Mobile RPL Routing Protocol in IoT Applications

There are three types of course work ,

  1. Foundation of Research 
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Research Writing

1.Foundation of Research

Technology has been ever-evolving and now it has reached a stage. Its development and optimization in communication and computing have resulted in the demand for Internet-connected sensory devices that helps in sharing a remote collection of “`data taken down from several credible sources.

All this requires a smart city concept that is based on two primary technologies; Wireless Sensor Networks or WSNs and BigData computation. Mobile RPL routing Protocol in IoT Applications can enable innovative mobile applications that can be reliable and real-time.A model has been proposed for resolving the issues of timely data gathering and faulty transmissions in Mobile RPL routing Protocol in IoT Applications. It will enhance reliability and will ensure minimal energy exhaustion.

2.Research Methodology

Mobile RPL routing Protocol in IoT Applications is a distance-vector which highly adaptive and offers alternate routes when the system is unable to access the default routes.

The Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph or DODAG construction is based on the transmission of DIO control messages also called as signaling messages and broadcasting of the DAO control messages that are transmitted up to the DODAG root so that it can build routes in the upward direction. The proposed research on Mobile RPL routing Protocol in IoT Applications focuses on enabling dynamic link monitoring, link-based path selection, RSSI and ETX based best parent node selection, and link quality.

The low and lossy networks can function effectively with dynamic topology and link conditions and can be the best solution for low cost and efficient communication over IoT.

3.Research Writing

The QoS-centric communication model for Mobile RPL routing Protocol in IoT Applications is deployed to avoid multi-hop traversal issues like delay and loss of data. The proposed architecture is constructed by deploying multipath transmission and other fault-sensitive path formations. It is supported by supplementary link repair models and is enabled to work in alignment with the classical link layer of the protocol. It estimates the RSSI of each node by initiating the Node Discovery phase.The results obtains state that DMRPL routing protocol can ensure higher PDR even under varying topology and allied network conditions

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